Happy Thanksgiving!


When we designed our parish website, we wanted to make sure that there was some way we could all stay in touch with each other, pray together and yes, perhaps even celebrate holidays together.


Maybe this year…for this Thanksgiving…maybe we can spend just a few moments in quiet prayer…in quiet reflection…giving thanks for all that we have been given by Our Lord.

Let us give thanks for our families…for our family members that have passed on that we miss so very much.…for all the memories of all the good times we shared with them and all the love they gave to us. While maybe their place at the Thanksgiving table might seem empty as we glance there this year, each of them still lives within us.

We should remember them…their smiles….their laughs…the sound of their voices. They would want us to.

More importantly, we should give thanks for all the family members we still have with us…for the treasured time we have left with aging relatives and for all we share with the youngest of children.

This Thanksgiving, wouldn’t it be nice to share an extra smile, maybe just a kind word or an extra hug with each of them.

We should give thanks for our health. Too often we see how health changes so quickly. If we are blessed with any good health…enjoy each day…each friend….each morning we wake……each opportunity to share good things.

Don’t waste the time we have been given….the time we have left.

Don’t let others waste our time.

And let us thank Our Lord, Jesus for giving us so much…. With Him asking nothing in return. He asks us for nothing!

All we have to do is love Him….and He continues to give us all of these special gifts and more.

I want to take this opportunity on this special holiday to thank each of you for all that you do for our church.  I am privileged to be your pastor.

On behalf of myself and all the priests of our parish, I want to wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.


Monsignor Robert J. Romano


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Msgr. Robert J. Romano

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