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Friday, November 27, 2015

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8:30 am, 5:30 pm Vigil
  7:00 pm (Spanish Mass)
8:00 am, 9:00 am (Italian)
  10:30 am, 12 Noon
Msgr. Robert J. Romano

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn







There simply is no church more festive or more beautifully decorated during the Christmas
season than Our Lady of Guadalupe…. and it is all made possible by the generosity of our
And this year, there are several different ways you can personally get involved in making our church….
once again…. the most beautiful in all of Brooklyn.

Again this year, you can reserve your own beautiful Christmas tree that will be placed along
our church’s garden fences….

Donating a tree accomplishes two things:
First, we beautify our church and celebrate Christmas together as a parish family.
Second, it helps raise precious dollars to support our church.

This year, for the Christmas season, we wanted to continue the tradition of creating a special
“Veil of Blue Lights” behind our statue of the Blessed Mother in our Prayer Garden.
So, this year again, we will be draping the large evergreen trees behind the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in all blue lights. The donation for this beautiful display of Christmas lights will be $400.00

We will surround Our Lady by trimming the two dogwood trees and the two maple trees, next to the Garden Fountain,  in all blue lights as well.
The donation requested for each of those four “Prayer Garden Trees” will be $300.

Also this year, you can donate one of fourteen large, special trees at $325.00 per tree. These special trees are not only larger, but they will be placed in special locations. Four of the trees will be placed on the side of our Main Church Entrance. Four other large trees will be placed around our Nativity set. The remaining six special trees will be placed on each side of our blue church sign on the corner of 73rd Street.

We also have some very special new options for this year.
Our two large Christmas trees set up on the main altar can be sponsored for a donation of $500.00 each. As always the names of those who donated will appear on the tree.

For those that might have special devotions to the saints in our Prayer Garden.the two trees on each side of St. Joseph can be donated for $325.00 each the tree behind St. Francis will also now be adorned in all blue lights. That tree can be donated for $325.00
The Tree behind the Holy Family and St. Anthony will be also trimmed in blue lights. The lights for those trees can be donated for $325.00 as well.

AND….. once again, we will have sixteen beautifully illuminated LED angels. Six of these angels will frame the center path of our Prayer Garden, leading up to the pond….. four angels will be placed on the steps in front of the main church entrance……two angels will be placed in front of the Statue of  St. Joseph…and the remaining four angels will be placed in front of our Nativity Set. The donation amount for one of these beautiful AngeIs is $300.00.
Special name cards will be placed on each Christmas Angel displaying your intentions.

The 5-foot trees will begin at the main entrance gate and continue along the fence toward 73rd Street where we will place our Outdoor Nativity set. The other trees will begin at the Main Entrance gate and  continue towards 72nd Street towards our Prayer Garden. All trees will be placed on a “first come” basis. Donations for the trees will be $250.00 each.

You can donate your tree in memory of a family member, a friend, or simply from yourself or your family. Special name cards will be placed on each tree displaying your intentions.
If you wish to reserve your Christmas Tree or Angel, you can do so in the Rectory office…
and this year you can charge your contribution with a major credit card.

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